Friday, April 8, 2011

Blue Screen BEGONE!!

Ah, the NES, such a great system, it's always great to pull that one out and fire up some classics like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. But before you can get to the good part.....

Yes, whether you've dug your beloved NES out of your closet, or picked one up from a used game store or flea market because you had a sad, sad childhood, it's more than likely you've experienced this here screen in some form or another. Today, I'm gonna help you rid yourself of this terrible plague so you can get back to reliving the golden age of gaming.

Here's what you're going to need:
A Phillips head screwdriver.
A new 72-Pin connector (they usually can be found in store that deals in old used games like Play N Trade for $10)

Alright, now let's get started with this thing. But first, for the love of God, MAKE SURE THE SYSTEM IS UNPLUGGED!!

1. Remove the 6 screws from the bottom of the NES, be sure not to lose them!
2. Now flip the system over and carefully remove the top portion of the case.
3. Remove the 7 screws pictured here and remove that giant hunk of metal (the RF shield)
4. MOAR SCREWS!! Take note of the yellow ones, as they are longer than the rest and need to be put back in the correct place when reassembling.
5. Now, lift up the board and remove the cartridge holder so you can get to the like so.
6. Finally, pull the cartridge connector off the board. It's on there tight, so it's going to take some force. Once it's finally off, place your new 72-Pin connector on the board and reassemble the console by following these directions in reverse.

There, now get back to reliving you childhood!!
I'll probably post a video in a few weeks on how to do this when I can get around to making a trip back home.

Images courtesy of, go check out his website to see some cool stuff!!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, Now I can get my spare NES up and running and craigslist it... If only I could get the sega CD to work....

  2. Wow if only I knew this as a kid would of saved me so much stress nice post. Following

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  4. digging out the old nes after this. great stuff. look forward to more.

  5. You mean my bacon plugin isn't working?
    Back to the drawing board.

  6. Miss the NES left it in the old house :(

  7. great stuff..following your blog now.

  8. If only PC BSoD was this easy to fix :/

  9. This is so awesome. Great tips. Following

  10. Blow in the cartridge!!!!!
    Do Play n Trade's exist anymore?

  11. @Blogosaurus
    Actually, I was going to get around to how to clean cartridges in my next post, but I've been so busy with school lately that I haven't had time to write up a new entry. And yes, Play N Trades do still exist, there is one a few miles away from me that gets some decent business, along with a handful of other stores specializing in retro games.

  12. i love nintendo and i love playing games

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  13. awesome tutorial man.

    keep up the good work