Monday, November 7, 2011

MW3 Review

So, this happened to fall into my lap recently, and I spent the entire weekend playing it.

Street dates, they have been broken
Anyways, I figured that since this game drops at midnight tonight, and major review outlets won't be posting their reviews until then, that I would write my own little review on this year's entry in the ever popular Call of Duty series.

Now, before I start, I feel I should make a few things clear. Months ago, I was anything but excited for Modern Warfare 3. Nothing I saw interested me. E3 came and went, complete with a live demo of the game during Microsoft's press conference, and I could have cared less. Same went for the Call of Duty XP event, where they unveiled the game's much touted multiplayer mode. It seemed that absolutely nothing could get me on the hype train for this game. But then, I saw this...

Oh ya, these games have a single player component, and damn good ones at that (At least IW does)

So in the span of 4 months I went from having absolutely no interest in this game, to getting it before the official release date (11-8-11, just in case you have managed to avoid the media assault).

Now, for the real question. Is this game actually any good, or will I be standing in line at a midnight release to go trade it in?